Nosedive Productions

The Kraine Theater
85 E. 4th Street
Saturday, June 11th — Sunday, July 3rd

new plays by
James Comtois — Stephanie Cox-Williams — Mac Rogers
Brian Silliman — Crystal Skillman


Leah Carrell — TJ Clark — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Stephanie Finn — Marc Landers — Abraham Makany
Samantha Mason — Collin McConnell — Judy Merrick
Ingrid Nordstrom — Ben Schnickel


directed by
Pete Boisvert — John Hurley — Patrick Shearer

Production Team

Production Stage Manager — Jenna Dempsey
Rehearsal SMs — Stephanie Cox-Williams & Sandy Yaklin
Costume Designer — Karle Myers
Graphic Designer — Pete Boisvert
Lighting Designer — Jeremy Pape & Russell Dobular
Makeup Designer — Melissa Roth
Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer
Props & Effects Designer — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Fight Choreographer — Joe Mathers
Carpenter — Chris Connolly
Original Music — Larry Lees
Press Agent — James Comtois & Ron Lasko

Pete Boisvert, James Comtois,
Stephanie Cox-Williams,
Patrick Shearer

Associate Producers
Rebecca Comtois, Marc Landers,
Ben VandenBoom, Christopher Yustin


The Blood Brothers present...
Freaks from the Morgue


A young beat cop follows up on a routine call, only to stumble upon a scene of unspeakable depravity. A child plays with her abductor, but where does the game end and reality begin? And a girl goes off in search of her little sister, only to discover that men really ARE pigs.

These tales and others make up this year's The Blood Brothers present… horror anthology series. Following the tradition of the original Grand Guignol Theatre, James Comtois (The Little One), Stephanie Cox-Williams (The Zombie Project: The Story of Icarus Phoenix), Mac Rogers (Viral), Brian Silliman (The Magic of Mrs. Crowling) and Crystal Skillman (The Vigil, or The Guided Cradle) write new stage plays based on stories ripped from the headlines, where even the monster under your bed is real.

The Blood Brothers present…Freaks from the Morgue features nudity and graphic violence and is recommended for adults only.

Production Photos

Photos by Aaron Epstein


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