Nosedive Productions

Endtimes Underground at The Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street (between Bowery & Lafayette)
October 9-11, 16-18, 23-25, 30-31, November 1, 2008
Thursday through Saturday, 7:30pm


Nona by James Comtois
Quitters, Inc. by Qui Nguyen and
In The Deathroom by Mac Rogers
Paranoid: A Chant, The Last Waltz

adapted from the short stories of Stephen King



Rebecca Comtois — Michael Criscuolo — Jeremy Goren
Jessi Gotta — Marc Landers — Marsha Martinez
Christian Toth — Ben Trawick-Smith

directed by Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer


Production Team

Stage Managers — Stephanie Cox-Williams and
Ben VandenBoom
Fight Choreographer — Qui Nguyen
Lighting Designer — Ian W. Hill
Makeup Designer — Leslie Hughes
Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer
Special Effects Coordinator — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Original Music — Larry Lees
Press Agent — James Comtois


Pete Boisvert, James Comtois, Rebecca Comtois,
Stephanie Cox-Williams, Marc Landers, Ben VandenBoom,
Patrick Shearer
Associate Producer — Jessi Gotta

Production Portfolio

Graphic Design by Pete Boisvert

The Blood Brothers present...
The Master of Horror

While hitchhiking on a snowy winter's night in Maine, a college dropout meets and falls in love with a girl he’d do absolutely anything for. Morrison is going to quit smoking whether he wants to or not… but is the cure worse than the disease? And Fletcher, an ex-reporter from the New York Times, is being held in an interrogation room in a foreign land, with only his wits to protect him.


These are the tales that make up this year’s The Blood Brothers Present… series, Nosedive Productions’ annual October horror show. James Comtois (Colorful World, The Adventures of Nervous-Boy), Qui Nguyen (Living Dead In Denmark, Fight Girl Battle World) and Mac Rogers (Universal Robots, Hail Satan), three of New York indie theatre scene’s hottest playwrights write three new stage plays based on stories by the Master of Horror, Stephen King.


The Blood Brothers Present… The Master of Horror features graphic violence and is recommended for adults only.

"My hat is off Nosedive for coming to King with respect, energy, and most importantly, a vicious hunger for the jugular... King is one of the most important, imaginative, and impactful authors of the 20th century, and it's always great to see his tales in capable, intelligent, and bloodthirsty hands."

Nat Cassidy,


"Full of splattering blood, dangerous psychos and true suspense laced with good humor, the production succeeds as much for being unique as for its timely seasonal run. There are all too few thrillers in the American theatre and it is a devilish delight to have one for October."

Michael D. Jackson,


"The Blood Brothers Present . . . The Master of Horror delivers what it promises - humor, fear, and a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on your point of view) dose of gore. And when was the last time you saw a group of actors who could be so good at being so evil?"

Byrne Harrison,


"Jessi Gotta takes the stage in a one-woman tour-de-force... She's wonderfully insane."

"The new stage adaptations
get it right by focusing on the characters and engaging talented actors to bring them to life. The adapters and writers and actors here clearly care about what they're doing. It's a fun evening, if you like a little gore and a few chills for your Hallowe'en."

Duncan Pflaster,


Production Photos

Photos by Aaron Epstein

Copyright © 2009 Nosedive Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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