Nosedive Productions

The Brick Theater
575 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
Wednesday, October 28th - Saturday, October 31st, 8pm

new plays by
Danny Bowes - James Comtois - Mac Rogers


Ryan Andes* - Becky Byers - Rebecca Comtois - Jessi Gotta*
Stephen Heskett - Robert Leeds* - Marsha Martinez
Ben VandenBoom - Cotton Wright*
*appears courtesy Actor's Equity Association


directed by
Pete Boisvert - Patrick Shearer

Rebecca Comtois - Stephanie Cox-Williams
Abe Goldfarb - Matt Johnston

Production Team

Stage Managers — Stephanie Cox-Williams
& Dana Rossi

Lighting Designer — Daniel Winters

Scenic Designer — Arnold Bueso

Costume Designer — Sarah Riffle

Makeup Designer — Leslie Hughes

Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer

Original Music — Larry Lees

Press Agent — James Comtois

Pete Boisvert, James Comtois, Rebecca Comtois,
Stephanie Cox-Williams,
Patrick Shearer

Associate Producers
Marc Landers, Ben VandenBoom


Photos by Ben VandenBoom

The Blood Brothers present...
The New Guignol


A father locks his daughter locked away because he can�t bear to share her with her mother, or anyone else. A man holds a busload of passengers hostage with no demands, and one woman does the unthinkable to attempt escape. And a scorned husband offers his wife a ghastly maternity gift.

These tales and others make up this year�s The Blood Brothers present� series, Nosedive Productions� annual October horror show. Following the tradition of the original Grand Guignol Theatre, Danny Bowes (Q&A: The Perception of Dawn, This is the New American Theatre), James Comtois (Infectious Opportunity, The Adventures of Nervous-Boy) and Mac Rogers (Viral, Universal Robots), write new stage plays based on true stories �ripped from the headlines.�

The Blood Brothers present… The New Guignol features nudity and graphic violence and is recommended for adults only.


"...revealing the inexplicable and unpredictable darkness that seethes beneath the surface of human nature and can rear its ugly head at any time and in any person. The form and spirit of the evening is an admirable tribute to the Grand Guignol's peculiar moment in theatrical history."

Will Fulton,


"The New Guignol rips its terror from the headlines and reminds us that the scariest thing that we can encounter is other people, not the supernatural horrors and bogeymen that are the creations of our own imaginations."

Byrne Harrison,


"My most delectable Halloween treat was attending The New Guignol."

Lauren Wissot,


Production Photos

Photos by Daniel Winters and Sarah Riffle


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