Nosedive Productions

The 78th Street Theatre Lab
236 West 78th St., 2nd Floor
October 11-27, 2007
Thursday through Saturday, 8pm

By James Comtois
Directed by Rebecca Comtois

The Blood Brothers — Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer
Gramma Blood — Stephanie Cox-Williams/Rebecca Comtois

Best Served Cold
By Mac Rogers
Directed by Patrick Shearer, with Pete Boisvert

Briane — Jessi Gotta
Serena — Gyda Arber
Marybeth — Anna Kull
Tired Driver — Michael Criscuolo
Officer Clancy — Brian Silliman
Nick — Marc Landers

Something Up His Sleeve
Conceived by the Blood Brothers
Directed by Patrick Shearer

The Magician — Brian Silliman
His Assistant — Anna Kull

Dead Things Kill Nicely
By Qui Nguyen
Directed by Pete Boisvert, with Patrick Shearer

Molly — Gyda Arber
Story — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Rhyme — Pete Boisvert

Bugs In My Skin
Conceived by the Blood Brothers
Directed by Stephanie Cox-Williams

Man — Michael Criscuolo

Listening to Reason
By James Comtois
Directed by Matt Johnston

Killer — Marc Landers
Woman — Jessi Gotta
First Victim — Gyda Arber
Second Victim — Anna Kull
Mr. Tucker — Brian Silliman
Police Officer — Michael Criscuolo

What Color Is The Sun?
Conceived by the Blood Brothers
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Croceus — Gyda Arber
Tormina — Anna Kull

Production Team

Production Manager — Stephanie Cox-Williams

Stage Manager — Jessica Lazar

Board Operator — Mike Caputo

Fight Choreographer — Qui Nguyen

Lighting Designer — Phil Shearer

Makeup Designer — Leslie Hughes

Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer

Original Music — Larry Lees

Press Agent — James Comtois

Pete Boisvert, Rebecca Comtois,
Stephanie Cox-Williams,
Patrick Shearer

Associate Producers
James Comtois, Marc Landers


The Blood Brothers present... PULP

A deranged psycho killer, deaf to pleas for mercy, tries one last-ditch effort to dodge the cops through the reluctant help of one terrified hostage. Molly, a young teen looking for a quick snog in the woods, now has to cover a zombie hicky. And Brianne has to keep Marybeth from pulling the trigger for just eight more minutes, but learns that, when talking for one�s life, time has a way of slowing down. This is The Blood Brothers Present: PULP: seven original works inspired by the pulp horror comics and short stories from the 1940s and �50s.

�The ghoulish Brothers Blood have returned bringing panic, terror, wit and gore to a city that can�t seem to get enough of it... These are the gory, creepy little tales to disgust and delight the audience.� — Stage Buzz

�PULP could be the perfect guilty pleasure for adults who love to indulge in the general Halloween spirit, or who, to paraphrase playwright James Comtois, grew up on trashy horror and just can't get enough of it." ELJ All Arts Annex

"All the shorts have a visual snap that is uncannily smooth... Directors Rebecca Comtois, Patrick Shearer, Pete Boisvert, Stephanie Cox-Williams, Matt Johnston, and fight choreographer Qui Nguyen all deserve credit for making the fake blood and body parts extremely effective. The actors, often playing multiple roles, are committed and seem to have a blast... [T]here is sufficient originality and wit that it should please fans of horror or humor everywhere." —

Photos by Aaron Epstein

Copyright © 2009 Nosedive Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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