Nosedive Productions

The Kraine Theater
85 E. 4th Street
October 4-13, 2012

new plays by
Danny Bowes — Nat Cassidy — James Comtois
Stephanie Cox-Williams — Jessi Gotta — Mac Rogers


Lowell Byers — Leah Carrell — TJ Clark — Emily Hartford
Collin McConnell — Judy Merrick — Roger Nasser
Alexis Thomason — Stephanie Willing — C.L. Weatherstone


directed by
Pete Boisvert — Nat Cassidy — Patrick Shearer

Production Team

Production Manager —Stephanie Cox-Williams
Stage Manager — Nikki Castle
Costume Designer — Karle Myers
Graphic Designer — Pete Boisvert
Lighting Designer — Ian W. Hill
Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer
Props & Effects Designer — Stephanie Cox-Williams & Jane Rose
Carpenter — Chris Connolly
Original Music — Nat Casidy & Larry Lees

Pete Boisvert, Stephanie Cox-Williams,
Patrick Shearer

Associate Producer
James Comtois

The Blood Brothers present...
Raw Feed


A gay porn star's insatiable hunger for fame leads to unspeakable acts of violence. A pretty, young contestant will make the mistake of her life if she chooses Bachelor #1. A ventriloquist on Christian television takes communion to a whole new level. When you're always connected, there's nowhere to hide...

This year, following in the tradition of the original Grand Guignol Theatre, Danny Bowes (Booze, Sports and Romance), Nat Cassidy (Songs of Love: A Theatrical Mixtape), James Comtois (Infectious Opportunity), Stephanie Cox-Williams (The Zombie Project: The Story of Icarus Phoenix), Jessi Gotta (The Big Bad) and Mac Rogers (The Honeycomb Trilogy) have written new stage plays based on stories ripped from the headlines.

The Blood Brothers present…Raw Feed features nudity and graphic violence and is recommended for adults only.

Production Photos

Photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum


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