Nosedive Productions

78th Street Theatre Lab
236 West 78th Street, 2nd Floor
September 4-6, 11-13, 18-20, 25-27, 2003
Thursday through Saturday, 8pm


"The Attempt"
Andy — Brian Silliman
Meredith — Katharine Clark Gray

"Jiffy Squid"
Abba — Brian Silliman
Dabba — Dennis Hurley

"Evil Hellcat and the Liquid Lunch"
Vampire Lula — Melanie Adelman
Zombie Tom — Dennis Hurley
Quota Jim — Don Makowski
Evil Suzie — Cat Johnson
Hellcat Betty — Katharine Clark Gray


Production Team

Director (Evil Hellcat) — Pete Boisvert
Director (The Attempt/Jiffy Squid) — Patrick Shearer
Playwright — James Comtois
Stage Manager — Abby Marcus
Costume Design — Agata Oleksiak
Makeup Design — Catherine Culbertson
Lighting Designer — G. Benjamin Swope

Pete Boisvert, James Comtois,
Abby Marcus, Patrick Shearer



Evil Hellcat and Other Lurid Tales (2003)



Quota Jim is hired as Hell's token Asian screenwriter. Vampire Lula and Zombie Tom are a pair of undead film industry hotshots in charge of a pack of Succubi/Muses who try to suck Quota Jim dry.



"It's hard to go wrong with monkey puppets." -




Production Photos Coming Soon

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