Nosedive Productions

The Little One

by James Comtois

The Kraine Theater
85 East 4th Street (between Bowery and Second Ave.)

June 17 - July 10
(Thursdays through Saturdays)
All shows at 7:30 p.m.



Cynthia — Becky Byers
Marie — Rebecca Comtois
Gogol — Patrick Shearer
Sergei — Christopher Yustin
Artemis — Ryan Andes
Francis — Stephen Heskett
Flora/Mrs. Walters — Stepanie Cox-Williams
Kyle/Jeremy — Jeremy Goren
Michelle/Alicia — Melissa Roth

Production Team

Director — Pete Boisvert
Playwright — James Comtois
Fight Choreographer — Qui Nguyen
Stage Manager — Guinevere Pressley
Production Manager — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Costume Designer — Betsy Strong
Lighting Designer — Daniel Winters
Makeup Designers — Leslie Hughes & Melissa Roth
Set Designer — Tim McMath
Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer
Special Effects Designer — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Publicist — Emily Owens

Pete Boisvert, James Comtois, Patrick Shearer,
Stephanie Cox-Williams, Rebecca Comtois,
Marc Landers, Ben VandenBoom, Christopher Yustin

The Little One (2010)



Cynthia, a fledgling vampire, is taken under the wing of a more venerable one, Marie. Marie tries to teach Cynthia how to hunt, be merciful towards humans and make the most out of immortality. However, like all rebellious children, Cynthia intends to carve out her own path.



"Mr. Comtois concentrates on the themes of death and decay as well as the relationship challenges posed by immortality in his bloody story. He aims to scare by presenting his vampires with an unsentimental realism that makes them seem almost human, without soft-pedaling the brutality and violence.""To Bleed or Not to Bleed? Plays Explore the Scary," The New York Times


"The Little One has plenty of action, suspense, and more than a little stage blood. More profound and more philosophical than you ever expect 'genre theatre' to be. A compelling new work."


"There�s much to like in this offering from Nosedive Productions, directed by Pete Boisvert. Comtois enjoyably experiments with time throughout, skipping ahead 350 years after intermission. Byers likewise does well, ably showing Cynthia�s evolution from scared child to surly teenager before her final emergence as a strong, competent, if not vengeful, vampire." The Village Voice


"Comtois at his inventive best. Like a bloodier Tuck Everlasting. The Little One leaves audiences with more than enough to sink their teeth into."That Sounds Cool


"The Little One has a lot to offer lovers of vampire stories and fans of fantasy and horror. Ms. Byers� performance is one that shouldn�t be missed. Great Geek Theater"Pink Raygun


Photos by Aaron Epstein

"Years from now, people will be lining up to see ANY production of this piece just to say, 'Yes! I totally stood in line three hours to get tickets.'"
Theatre Is Easy


"The Little One is good antidote to the vampire-lite version that is currently gracing local movie theatres. Featuring blood, humor and plenty of death, The Little One is a nice addition to the vampire canon." — Stagebuzz


"An enjoyable show with a distinct point of view and some excellent scenes—an interesting addition to the vampire canon." — Blogcritics


"A fresh and original take on the usual vampire story...a wholly convincing alternative to the usual vampire rules."Backstage


"This two-hour show ends too soon, like a good book that you wanted to keep reading. Beautifully incarnated by the entire bloodthirsty cast, The Little One is a play that kidnaps you from modern day East Village reality and drops you into the vampire’s den with total immersion."The Happiest Medium



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