Nosedive Productions

The Brick
575 Metropolitan Avenue
Friday amd Saturday, March 23, 24, 30 and 31, 8pm



Mr. Rabson — Brian Pracht
Miss Tyler — Shashanah Newman
Mr. Newhall — C.L. Weatherstone
Mr. Martin — Gavin Starr Kendall
Mr. Fitzgerald — Christopher Yustin
Miss Langlois — Alexis Black
Guys 1 & 2 — Pete Boisvert & James Comtois


Production Team

Director — John Hurley
Playwright — James Comtois

Monkeys (2012)


Three friends who can't stand each other yet can't function without each other spend all night � just as they do every night � in a 24-hour coffee shop that serves as both a haven and a prison.


Nosedive Productions and The Impetuous Theater Group stage the debut absurdist comedy by James Comtois about the comforts and horrors of drinking coffee until dawn with the same people each night for a limited run at the Brick Theater.




Surf Reality House of Urban Savages
172 Allen Street, Second Floor
Feburary 16-19, 23-26 2000
Wednesday through Saturday, 8pm


Mr. Rabson — Adam Heffernan
Miss Tyler — Katharine Clark
Mr. Newhall — Marc Improta
Mr. Martin — Christopher Bujold
Mr. Fitzgerald — Tally Sessions
Guy 1 — Michael Gilpin
Guy 2 — Jayson Cofield
Miss Langlois — Carrie Mayer


Production Team

Director — Pete Boisvert
Playwright — James Comtois
Stage Manager — Sal Robinson

Pete Boisvert, James Comtois


Monkeys (2000)


A bunch of friends hang out in an all-night coffee shop to gripe about each other, gripe about other people, and flirt. Like "Waiting For Godot." Only Godot shows up. And they hate her.



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We swear this was a production, we really do.



Monkeys: Rewind
Jamespeak, March, 2005





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