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Patrick Shearer

~ Artistic Associate ~


Patrick Shearer has been an Artistic Associate with Nosedive Productions since 2001. He grew up in a theatrical family in Burbank, CA and attended Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY where he and Pete Boisvert first met and began their ongoing collaboration. He joined Nosedive on their third production, "The Awaited Visit" and has been an ever-present "third wheel" ever since. Nosedive acting credits include roles in The Awaited Visit, Ruins, Two Parties, A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol, Dying Goldfish, The Adventures of Nervous-Boy, Suburban Peepshow, Pinky, and Colorful World. Directing credits include "The Attempt" and "Jiffy Squid" for Evil Hellcat and Other Lurid Tales and The Wedding Scene in Dying Goldfish.


In 2006, he and Pete founded the Blood Brothers presents... series for Nosedive, an offshoot play series that focuses on theatrical horror, in the style of The Theatre du Grand Guignol. He's created the persona of Brother Blood and directed plays and vignettes for ...An Evening of Grand Guignol, ...PULP and ...Master of Horror. In 2004, for Nosedive's production of Mayonnaise Sandwiches, he also became the company's resident sound designer, a role that he would play not only for Nosedive, but also for a number of different Off-Off and Indie theatre companies throughout the city. He's collaborated in this capacity with The Vampire Cowboys, Isaac Butler and elsewhere productions, Royal Circus, Theatre Minima, The Rapid Response Team, and The New York Innovative Theatre Awards ceremony.

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